About Us

Pragati Social Development Society (PSDS) aims to usher a revolution in the Buldelkhand region of India, to generate social and economic development opportunities for the underprivileged people, to create awareness which will ultimately lead to the development of the rural communities therefore creating a social, economic and intellectual environment for growth.

PSDS programs are aimed towards rural development. The objectives of these programmers are mainly three fold. Firstly, to provide economic independence for underprivileged people so that they can lead a better and healthy life and receive proper education and training to enhance their self-esteem. Second priority is to work towards development of a stronger and prospers society and this is achieved by conducting awareness and training programs among the people. And the third objective is to save mother earth and protect our environment, tree plantations drive, awareness programs, trainings on better agriculture techniques are some of the initiates that we have taken towards this direction.


Our mission is establishment of such a socio economic structure in Bundelkhand which is dependent upon indigenous resources for its  various needs and demands as far as possible. We believe that the very first step towards  attainment of our goal would be to convince Bundelkhandi masses to look beyond their traditional means of earning a livelihood and adopt to new of putting bread into their  mouths. Bundelkhand  is labelled as one of the most backward regions of this country which simply translates into the fact  that we have inadequate infrastructure facilities which also to the problem of attracting any kind of mass employment generating sources. At the same time , we will have to approach  people who are responsible development of infrastructure facilities and thus for generation of these new means employment for people of Bundelkhand. Apart from our aforementioned efforts at macro level, we are also socially active at micro level. Our activities at this level  include adoption of children  for education, organize  health camps in underprivileged localities, generate awareness  about benefits  schemes  and programs  of central  and state governments  and  help  people to  avail their benefits. We at Pragati believe that illiteracy is the root cause of all social problems. Encouraging education at all levels  is one of our most important and constant social activity.


Pragati Social Development Society (PSDS) was started by Mr. Rahul Richhariya in year 2003 with a vision of working towards development of Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh, India. PSDS was started with a goal to establish a socio economic structure in Bundelkhand which is dependent upon indigenous resources for its various needs and demands as far as possible. Over the years PSDS has worked in 10s of Panchayats covering 100s of villages. In past years PSDS has organized many free capacity building and training workshops for farmers, took healthcare service to rural area by organizing free health camps. PSDS has conducted workshops to develop handicraft skills among women and have also assisted them in selling their handmade products. Since 2003 PSDS has covered a long way in its endeavor to work for the betterment of the people, it has matured as an organization and 1000s of people have benefited from its initiatives.    

1.Dr. C.p. Mishra

2.Mr.Surendra kumar (I.R.S)

3.Mr.J.N. Tiwari

4.Dr.Ramesh Prasad richariya

5.Mr.Rahul richariya

6.Mr.Alok Mishra

7.Mrs.Milan singh

8.Mrs.Akanksha shrivastav

9.Dr .Mayank Litoriya

10.Dr.Suresh richariya

11.Mrs.Richa Mishra

12.Mr.Vinod kumar sharma

13.Mrs Priyanka aliya

14.Dr Akanksha Richharya

15. Mrs. Sajnita Parwar