Bundelkhand is one of the most economically backward region in India. Agriculture is principal occupation of people of the region but severe draught since last few years has further weakened the economy. PSDS has taken several initiatives to help people of the region get alternative employments. •Seminar On Generation Of Employment Alternatives for The People Of Bundelkhand Region •“Search for Employment Avenues in Bundelkhand Region” A Meet of people from different walks of life viz, Industrialist, businessmen, farmers, students, doctors, such meetings and conferences are a regular practice for having a brain storming session for searching employment opportunities in Bundelkhand. •Agriculture skills Advancement of rural technology scheme (ARTS): Workshop ‘To use new scientific methods for agriculture’ farmers of Goramachhiya & surrounding villages have been benefited, organised under the banner of Pragati SDS jointy with Apollo Tyres.

Sponsor marriages for economically backward: Marriage is the purest institution in our society and we at PSDS organize an annual event where we sponsor marriages for economically backward people of the region, Since our inception we have organized over 200 marriages.

Support for Physically Handicapped: Physically handicapped people often feel left out and it is our endeavour to empower then in such a manner that they can be an active part of the main society. We organized events where free vehicles were distributed to Physically Handicapped, we also conduct physiological workshops for confidence building and skill development seminars for physically handicapped.


The activities in PSDS are focused towards empowerment of women. The various sectors that find a place in our mission are reproductive health of women, women’s economic opportunities, women’s education, skills and knowledge development. 

We focus on three keys areas: 1.Education: We endeavour to sensitise women in the area of economic and social development, we exposed then to the knowledge of their social and legal rights. •Right to education •Right to Natal Health •Right against gender discrimination •Right Girl Child 2.Health: We believe in the idea that an educated, aware and healthy woman is gateway to a happy and prosperous society. As part of PSDS initiates we conduct regular health camps where general, gynaecological and paediatric checkups are provided. 3.Economic Development: We also encourage women entrepreneurship through skill development.  Young girls are given training in tailoring and handicrafts making. We also provide support in selling the artefacts prepared by these women.


•Know your rights: Backward not getting the rightful benefit of the government schemes is a chronic problem in the region and we at PSDS believe that the benefits much reach the needy, people empowerment is a critical factor to achieve and sustain our objective.  We conduct awareness camps to educate people about various government schemes and their rights. Our efforts are focused around following areas: 
•Widow pension
•BPL cards & Subsidy for cereals, grains & keresone. 
•Programmes of ministry of rural development like MGNREGA and
•SGSY under the newly introduced scheme of CAPART.


Health Camps: Free Health Camps in slum areas as well as other villages have been organized, conducting health camps is a regular practice at PSDS. To benefit villagers who are below poverty line & they lack access to health facilities in residing far flung areas, unable to bare expense of treatments.
Health check-up camps
Free treatment camps


•PSDS has played an active role to encourage students and provide a support system for abundance of school dropout cases (apprx 70% to 75%) in Jhansi & Bundelkhand region. Pragati lit a lamp of literacy by providing aids to poor students, also creating awareness to encourage students and prove the relevance and need of higher education that can change their life & uplift the status of family, society & nation as well. To reduce the school drop-out rate and promote higher education PSDS provides scholarship to the students. Our team also conduct Career Counselling Workshop for students and thus help them select right course for higher education.
•Workshop for parents: It has been observed that due to economical backwardness many a times parents discourage their children from going to school, they prefer more working hands to generate more money. We at PSDS counsel the parents and encourage then to send their kids to school.


•Malnutrition is a high prevalent issue in the region and this leads to multiple pregnancies related problems. Majority to children in the region fall under malnourished or severely malnourished category. PSDS organized health camps where free checkup and treatment is provided to the pregnant women and children. 
•Adopt a Child Program: PSDS adopts children belonging to economically backward families, as part of the adoption the children stay with their family however we take care of their food, education and healthcare expenses. We work in close contact with the parents of the adopted children to ensure a good future for them.


•In our endeavour to protect environment we aim to create environmental awareness in the communities, conduct widespread environmental education and training programmes. 
•We have organized multiple tree plantation drives, PSDS has planned and supported thousands of trees in the region.